The centenary of the First World War has inspired people to find out more about the War and its impact on individuals, communities, cities and society. This unique project connects those who want to dig a bit deeper with experts from universities who share their interest.

If you have an idea for a project, get involved. The five First World War engagement centres can link you to researchers and experts who can help with your research, support your project or advise about different methods for documenting and sharing your findings.

Each of the five centres has an area of specialism and has developed themes within these areas. The centres also run workshops and events and share news of the projects they are supporting.

Examines links between local and global events of the First World War.

Investigates the lesser-known stories of everyday life during the First World War.

Explores how the First World War lives-on in the 21st century world.

Researches the legacy of the War, specifically the impact that the War continued to have on British civil society.

Looks at the role of different ethnic, faith and national groups in the years 1914-1918.